We, at the foundation, view teacher education differently. It is our earnest belief that teacher-education is one of the keys to nation building. Only good To develop an understanding of the contemporary Indian Society, with special reference to education.

To inculcate social and cultural values among the socially deprived to catch up with the main stream of the society.

To create awareness about the issues of ecology and environment.

To empower the teachers for self-development, development of society and the nation.

To assimilate the importance of nurturing positive attitude, scientific thinking, skills and healthy behaviour.

To inculcate value awareness in prospective teachers.

To function effectively as an individual and in various teams.

To be empowered in subject content and pedagogy.

To initiate innovative practices in accordance with the global trends and demands.

To acquaint with the concept of techno Pedagogy and understand the role of the teacher as a techno-pedagogue.

To enhance Communication skills to converse well in diverse settings and groups.

To promote coordination, decision making and creative thinking skills among the prospective teachers.

To orient the prospective teachers about the challenges of gender disparity and instill the methodology to overcome gender inequalities in school, classroom, curricula, textbook, social institutions, etc.

To systematize experiences and strengthening of the professional competence of student teachers.

To appreciate and adopt interdisciplinary approach in teaching of various disciplines.

To develop Research Aptitude to promote an in-depth study on the different areas of the Subject.

To apply assessment strategies that incorporate intellectual, social and physical development of the learners.

To enhance employability skills and to introduce students to new areas of placement.