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The Masters in Education is a two year (of four semesters) professional post graduate programme for advanced praxis based study of the discipline of Education. The M.Ed. Degree Programme is designed to develop the discipline of Teacher Education for empowering teacher educands with: 

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Education
  • Specialisations in select areas of Education
  • Capabilities for research in Education

The Programme is embedded in comprehensive foundations of Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Research Methodology, and other specialised areas of Education. Besides academic study, the Programme intends to sensitise students toward critical issues in Education and to evolve as proactive practitioners in text book preparation, curriculum reform, educational policy analysis, educational administration, educational technology, educational evaluation, special education, inclusive education, Non Formal education, human rights education, guidance and counselling, and the like, in harmony with national aspirations and global trends. It seeks to prepare educational experts capable of generating knowledge and to find solutions to the problems and issues relating to the theory and practice in the varied fields of education. The Programme also has a strong research component with a view to hone the research acumen and potential of the students in diverse dimensions of Education as well as to groom them for doctoral and post-doctoral research in Education. 

The institution has its department efficaciously functioning from 2005 and has set the quality epitome by guaranteeing students with substantial input and research exposure in an array of avenues unexplored and enthralled. We have a team of faculty members and mentors who have the right aptitude and insights in to the recent trends in research which can contribute directly and indirectly to the mission of teaching. The student experience at this institution can be made rewarding by being focused, attentive and being immersed in having a research demeanor that can significantly contribute to your passion in teaching. 


Optional subjects offered:

  • English Education
  • Science Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Social Science Education
  • Commerce Education


Course Fee - INR 35000(Thirty Five Thousand ) Per Year

Annual Intake - 50 Nos

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